After open shelves, make way for no shelves.

Emma Reddington’s The Marion House Book, is one of my absolute favorite design blogs. Recently, Emma wrote a post called 5 Kitchen Trends on the Rise for HGTV where she talks about the ongoing trend of forgoing upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving or purely empty walls. Open shelving is everywhere lately, but Emma’s post made me realize that NO shelves in the kitchen is a possibility too.


Look ma! No shelves: Photo by Frédéric Vasseur via Coté Maison | Photo by Helen Norman | Photo by Mark Seelen via Elle Decor Italia | Kitchen tile by Made in Mano

First, let me say that I really hate open shelving. No, that’s not true, I just really don’t like the idea. While aesthetically open shelves can be beautiful, it just seems so utterly impractical. Since I am not the cleanest of house keepers, I can only imagine the dust and cooking grease my dishes would collect. Also, in order to make open shelves work, one must have a minimal amount of really beautiful matching dishes and glassware. We have none of that. Our glasses are mostly recycled Maille and Amora mustard jars and our dishes are hand me downs from family. And I’m pretty sure that we don’t even have 3 wine glasses that match. (more…)