A Tribute to D-Day.

blending-historic-moments-into-present-day-photos-and-locations-seth-taras-history-channel-know-where-you-stand-dday-normany-wwii Seth Taras 

Tomorrow marks the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. Like every year, Bayeux celebrates its liberation and honors those who fought and fell for freedom.

The above image by Seth Taras from the Know Where You Stand series created for the History Channel, dramatically illustrates how I feel when walking down the calm Normand coast. My daughter is too small to understand this region’s historical significance, but we do. My husband’s family, his grandparents and parents, were greatly impacted by the war and I feel very fortunate to have heard their direct accounts. Enjoying the serene beaches that are only lightly freckled now with a few leftover bunkers and artificial harbours, one can’t help think about what happened here in 1944. To them, we shall forever be grateful. (more…)

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