Quaint country interiors in moody blues.

Lisbett Wedendahl - Krop Creative DatabaseCottage blues

Cottage bluesCottage blues










All above: Lisbett Wedendahl

Cottage blues

Cottage blues










Walnuts farm. Photo David Merewether

Cottage blues

Livs Sandvik Jakobsen for her amazing house & style blog Livs Lyst.
Cottage bluesCottage blues
 Light Locations via sfgirlbybay
Cottage blues Cottage blues
Adrian Briscoe’s ‘Sophisticated Rustic’, styled by Gabby Deeming.

Cottage blues

Blue rustic wood interior. Credit unknown.

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Favorite examples of raw rustic wood cabinets.

Favorite rustic raw wood kitchens

In my previous post, I showed the space we’ll be working with. While we’ll be finishing the walls and ceilings first, we can finally start thinking about the additional materials we want to use. In the kitchen, that’s wood. Raw and rustic with a reclaimed look, we want to create one of a kind cabinetry with vintage hardware. Here are some of our inspirations:

Above credit unknown. Below left: Rome apartment kitchen of pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque (the cabinet is made of reclaimed 17th-century wood) by Axel Vervoordt. Architect:Alessio Lipari Architects and Serena Mignatti Architect, Photo: Simon Watson. Via Architectural Digest |  Below right: Home of Michael and Alexandra Misczynski, the husband-and-wife team behind the Los Angeles firm Atelier AM. Photo Francois Halard for the book Interiors Atelier Am. Via Mark D. Sikes

 Rome apartment kitchen of pianists Katia and Marielle Labèque (the cabinet is made of reclaimed 17th-century wood) by Axel Vervoordt  Wabi sabi rustic kitchen from 'Interiors/Atelier AM' + raw wood cabinets and open shelving
Below: Champagne Cellar by Jute Home:
Below: New Moon Cottage by Richard Bubnowski Design LLC,  Interior Design: Donna Grimes, Serenity Design. Photo: Sam Oberter Photography LLC. Via HOUZZ:

Storage at its best   Surfer Chic Kitchen by Richard Bubnowski Design and Donna Grimes/Serenity Design

 Below: Kitchens by Paris architect and design studio D. Mesure:

kitchen in paris by d. mesure 



And more raw wood cabinets paired with subway tile. Credit source, please help!


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cuisine-aurelie-mathigot EXPOSED BEAMS AND JOISTS


exposed thumb EXPOSED PIPING


Glass (eye) candy.

 Top: Modwalls Lush 4×12 Surf Kitchen by McCaffrey Construction

Transparent glass tiles are making big waves in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes.  The upside of glass tiles is that they tend to reflect rather than absorb light, are durable and supposedly easy to clean. They are more ecologically friendly than ceramic tiles as they use less energy to make and many styles are made from recycled glass. The downside is that they are very expensive and using a professional specialized in glass tile is highly advised.

glass tiles Angelina Random Pattern Clear Mixed Mosaic by Original Style | Mosaic glass tile at Carrelage Mosaique | Hexagon glass mosaic at Tile Daily  |  Mosaic glass tile in Luxe Silver at Indoor Capri |  Lush Weave by ModWalls | Mosaic glass Piazza series in Crystal Ice by Martini Mosaic |Offset Sky raised blue tiles by Original Style | Black/white mosaic glass tiles via Ali Express

I’ve been dreaming about using clear square glass tiles on our bathroom floor like in the below left side shower.  I don’t know if this is a feasible option (practically or economically speaking). But I do think it would help add some luminosity to an otherwise dark bathroom and would work well with the glass shower blocks.

modern-bathroom-tile  modwalls_lush-1x2-surf_shower-tile
Top left: Island Stone Beach Glass tile image via Houzz |Top right: Lush 1×2 Surf Shower by Modwalls | Bottom: Bathroom by Penelope Irwin, Glass Expressions – Polaris White clear glass tile by Complete Tile Collection

I just love the color and finish of this tile so much.  (more…)


A practical and durable partition option.


Our bathroom will unfortunately have to be placed between two bedrooms in an area where there is no natural light. Using beveled tiles and overhead lighting will hopefully help us brighten up an otherwise dark bathroom and we need as much of that light to come into the shower as possible.

While I love the look of factory windows used as shower partitions, it seems like they would be really hard to clean (and kinda dangerous too). So we’ve tentatively decided to use glass blocks to divide the shower space.

I love the above bathroom by architect Hélène Silvy-Leligois. This is the style of glass and grout we would go for. Click here to see more images of this amazing small studio apartment in Barcelona.

What’s neat about glass blocks is that they are relatively cheap, easy to install and easy to clean. In addition, there are a ton of options on how to finish the edges. Many block systems have components with rounded or finished edges or you can use tile, concrete, wood or special caps to complete them. (more…)


After open shelves, make way for no shelves.

Emma Reddington’s The Marion House Book, is one of my absolute favorite design blogs. Recently, Emma wrote a post called 5 Kitchen Trends on the Rise for HGTV where she talks about the ongoing trend of forgoing upper kitchen cabinets in favor of open shelving or purely empty walls. Open shelving is everywhere lately, but Emma’s post made me realize that NO shelves in the kitchen is a possibility too.


Look ma! No shelves: Photo by Frédéric Vasseur via Coté Maison | Photo by Helen Norman | Photo by Mark Seelen via Elle Decor Italia | Kitchen tile by Made in Mano

First, let me say that I really hate open shelving. No, that’s not true, I just really don’t like the idea. While aesthetically open shelves can be beautiful, it just seems so utterly impractical. Since I am not the cleanest of house keepers, I can only imagine the dust and cooking grease my dishes would collect. Also, in order to make open shelves work, one must have a minimal amount of really beautiful matching dishes and glassware. We have none of that. Our glasses are mostly recycled Maille and Amora mustard jars and our dishes are hand me downs from family. And I’m pretty sure that we don’t even have 3 wine glasses that match. (more…)


Polished brass continues to shine.

Brass, an alloy of two metals (copper and zinc), whose ratio can be modified to obtain different degrees of hardness and aesthetic finishes, was a huge trend for 2013 in all sectors of home design. Highly versatile, it can be used in a wide range of products such as cabinet and door hardware, lamp bases and light shapes, candle holders, picture frames, decorative items, and plumbing fixtures. It is a particularly popular choice these days for bathrooms and the trend will likely continue in the future.

Here are some of my favorite examples of brass hardware:

1c6c4a01ed43f92255410957953c8859 4932306f518b59d4f7df78e0495c2372

bertelson-bathroom ec98b0411c54f9b2b78256c0d3492d26
1. Mandy Milk’s bathroom renovation, Canadian House and Home  | 2. John Derian, The Make-Under, T Magazine  | 3. Interior: 1 month Makeover, Style at Home | 4. Chic Design Investments LLC

1/ Vintage modern: In Mandy Milk’s bathroom renovation, brass is wonderfully used to pick up an otherwise dark color palate. The brass just works so well here tying in the different colors and shapes of the tile with the dark color of the tub and its vintage brass claw feet. I am absolutely amazed how big this bathroom looks after renovation in contrast to the super small cramped “before” pictures and I think the shiny brass really makes the difference here.

2/ Salvaged vintage:  When transforming his NY East Village loft, home decor designer John Derian didn’t seek to hide all the imperfections that made the place authentic. Instead he chose to highlight them by going with an interior design that is understated, worn and vintage. The dark grout between the white subway wall and hex floor tile is a great example. The salvaged vintage brass faucets and fixtures are another. It picks up the space and gives it a bit of richness it might lack otherwise. I love this bathroom so much.

3/ Restored vintage: Canadian TV host Karen Bertelsen and author of the very funny and informative blog  The Art of Doing Stuff, had the privilege of using the vintage plumbing that had been carefully preserved in her 170 year old home. Kudos to her for keeping and restoring all the stunning original brass hardware!

4/ Bright modern: With the brass trend in full effect, there are plenty of new shiny brass fixtures on the market which interior designers are using to full effect. Interior design company Chic Design (from my home state of Oregon!) used brass in this remarkable bathroom renovation which united 2 attic rooms. Here, the brass makes an already bright bathroom seem even brighter.


362049-polished-brass-rainshower-tub-faucet      cbec12f7-9311-4ea4-a058-9aee90026abe     $T2eC16RHJGYE9nooh7lrBQD-Eoqf3!~~60_12
Bring on the brass: D-type shower rod in polished brass by Kingston Brass | Brass shower kit from Light in the Box |Keswick Exposed Wall Mount Shower and Tub Faucet by Whittington | Exposed Bath/Shower Floor Entry Set (Brass Gold) from Bunnings | Morracain engraved brass faucet from Laloly Shop