New windows, insulation and plumbing in our very old stone home.


We’ve taken a giant leap forward in the quest of making our 17th century house a 21st century home!

Because the last thing we want is to freeze our bums off at bedtime, we’ve opted to install modern insulation just on the floor that houses the bedrooms. On the walls we’ve installed a laine de verre (fiberglass) insulation which is pretty commonly used in renovation work here in Normandy. The stone walls can still breath with this kind of insulation and is pretty mold resistant. On the ceilings it’s a laine de roche (stone wool) which is a more ecologically correct insulation. It’s much thicker, fire resistant, and does a great job soundproofing and keeping in the heat. It’s also a lot more expensive.

The new windows have also been installed. In the beginning we wanted to get all the windows custom-made, but this proved to be out of our price range. Sometimes you just have to make choices like that. So we opted for new wood windows that aren’t perfectly shaped for the spaces (because NOTHING in this house is straight), but the artisan has been great at filling in the spaces with limestone cement.

We also chose not to get the pane dividers and opted for the one solid glass pane look. It’s amazing how much bigger the openings look now with this choice. The windows are pre-painted white, but they won’t stay like that. We’ll paint them charcoal at a later date.

And in some really super exciting news, we had some beginning plumbing work done! We’ll soon be able to retire that outhouse! The tubing goes from the bottom floor all the way up to the attic where someday we’ll put in a guest bathroom. We’ll build some sort of casing to hide it on the main floor which will remain in all apparent stone.

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  1. Elle Belle

     /  July 29, 2014

    what a undertake you guys are taking on… keep up the great job!


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