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In French the word for chicken pox is vericelle, but I keep saying vermicelle which are noodles slightly thicker than angel hair pasta. So my child has the noodles. Yup, really bad noodles.

The week after school ended my 3-year-old came down with a pretty bad case of Chicken Pox. There’s really not a lot that needs or can be done except ride it out and try to keep her comfortable. To soothe her skin and stop her from scratching, the best home remedy we’ve found is good old coconut oil.

The high level of lauric acid in coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. So not only does it help to reduce the itch, it protects the skin from any further infection. The oil also helps to reestablish the skin’s acidic balance and reduce inflammation. Whenever Miss Noodles has a bad itch, we just slather some coconut oil on her and gently massage her untill the urge goes away.

While conventional wisdom has it that the blisters should dry up and scab quickly,
some health professionals no longer recommend products like Calamine which dry out the skin quickly. As I’ve seen first hand, it’s not the initial breakout which itches, it’s when the blisters start to dry up that the crazy itching begins. While applying a drying cream to the skin might help in the short-term, when the lotion dries it is no longer effective as an anti-itch remedy. When the scab grows dry, the itchiness can start a vicious cycle of scratching and it’s the excessive scratching that can than lead to scars.

While many people recommend oat baths, my daughter’s Eczema prone skin never reacted well to oat baths or skin products containing oats. Instead we do Epsom salt baths which help to pull out the toxins and reduce swelling. In France, Epsom salts are sold under the name Sulfate de Magnesium Heptahydrate in little packs of 30 grams. I’ve been putting 2 packs in a 1/4 full bathtub. I’d also recommend a few drops of lavender oil in the bath as well.

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  1. Elle Belle

     /  July 19, 2014

    it must be HARD for child that age, telling not to scratch… all we can do is wait.


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