In memory 1944-2014.

An American tank crew in Avranches, Normandy, Summer 1944 by Frank Scherschel

Blue beaches murmur waves
Splashing old, rusted war remnants.
A sea bird flaps wet beaches
Where the sea swells and crashes gently on wet sand,
Retreating back erasing all footprints.
The men stare the distance,
At blurred memories through tears.
Trickling down their cheeks dripping softly,
To merge with the sea like before.

Excerpt from ‘Harbingers’ by Curtis D. Bennett


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  1. The poem is a fine choice indeed.

  2. I had a hard time finding the words, so I posted part of a poem

  3. Rose – a very poignant posting for today.
    And many thanks for the link – publicity is worth more than words can say 🙂


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