Our 17th century interior walls after repointing.

living room

Much like the masonry work that was done to the exterior walls of “Our Tour”, the completed restoration and repointing of our interior walls has made a huge difference. Like the outside, the work has not only homogenized the stone and gotten rid of any cracks, it has also lighted and brightened the room. We are kinda amazed by the results.

Exposed stone wall living room before/after repointing

The professional crew also entirely restored the fireplace. The funky resin casing was replaced with new stone. The linoleum was pulled back during the process exposing the wood floors and the vintage tile hearth.

after stone work

17th century stonework after restoration and repointing

They also rehabilitated the stone niche we had found behind the plaster walls.

My beau père also prepared le terrain by wiring the electricity directly into the walls. The wires were passed under the floor boards and then through tunnels made into the wall which were later entirely concealed from the outside. Finished, only the switches and outlets will show.

Running electricity through stone wall

Passing electrical work through stone walls

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  1. Many thanks for the kind comments.

  2. Stunning. I love your vision and how you are embracing all that you find, just bringing it out to its full potential.


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