With the help of some great software, I did it!

1er etage cap  Part of the main living floor (1er étage)

Ok, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

2 weeks ago we took the measurements of Our Tour with the aid of a Laser Liner wall scanner. I had contemplated doing the floor plans myself, but was kinda scared by the prospect.

Fast forward quinze jours, and they’re done! Ok, so they’re probably not perfect and will most likely change, but I’m very happy with how much I was able to do on my own.

I downloaded a great software called Edraw Max that allows you to do floor plans complete with furniture, electrical and plumbing icons. The software was REALLY easy to use. I didn’t even read the tutorial and after about an hour of fiddling with it, I felt operational.  I think that anyone with good basic math skills and computer literacy could use this software with relative ease and I highly recommend it!!!

Using the measurements we had taken with the Laser Liner, I proceeded in the following manner:

  • First I established the outside walls giving the correct measurements for walls, doors and window openings. This was probably the hardest part. The walls of Our Tour aren’t straight so I had to use a fair bit of basic geometry.
  • Next I added the fireplaces and other features that are part of its overlying structure. I also added the beams shown above with dotted lines.
  • Then I added the interior non-supporting walls we’ll be adding and laid out a basic plan for the bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Anytime I needed some basic dimensions I’d go to the Ikea catalog on-line.
  • Afterwards I established the basic plumbing and water lines.
  • I then made another floor plan with furniture to get a better idea of where we wanted the electrical sockets, switches and overhead light fixtures to go.
  • Finally, I added the electrical icons and made a new floor plan with a general idea of where the wiring should go.

I now have several different floor plans: with furniture, without furniture, with all structural measurements apparent on the draft, another with electrical wiring and plumbing lines in different colors. My beau père worked at Electricité de France and will be doing the wiring for us so he’ll review and redraw the electricity and our plumber friend will review the bathroom/kitchen plans in greater detail.

So while I’m certain that some things will change and a few parts will have to be redrafted, I think we have a pretty good base to start with!

Update: NEVERMIND the above draft!!! Everything’s changed!

Some references/links that helped me out:

Also from this site:

laser liner BIG DIY TRY



cuisine-aurelie-mathigot EXPOSED BEAMS AND JOISTS

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  1. Elle Belle

     /  July 19, 2013

    it is very important to make that cooking island MUCH, MUCH BIGGER. if i were you i will double it…
    that is where everybody will congregate you will see and also that is where you are going to do food preparation will happen as well.


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