A virtue I lack.

Found objects

Voici some random objects we found in the attic. My mood can be perfectly summed up by that little guy’s face in the painting.

Cannot wait for this summer. Cannot wait to take “our Tour” to the next level.

Between the craptastic weather we’ve been having and our obligations to job and family, the renovation work has been progressing at a snail’s pace.

We’ve gotten some good things done: We repaired the roof and solidified the beams in the attic, we’ve done the lion’s share of the demolition work,  exposing the ceiling beams and some of the stone walls (while making some cool discoveries in the process). But I can’t wait for our Tour to be habitable, even if it’s just one floor. Unfortunately, we’re just not there yet.

In July and August we’ll step it up a notch. The floor plans will be made and we’ll install the heat and plumbing (yeah, it’d be nice to have a toilet INSIDE the house).

And much, much later, the fun part will come: Decorating! This little guy is kinda kitsch, but I’ll find a place for him somewhere.

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  1. We threw out the painting…

  2. Elle Belle

     /  June 18, 2013

    I think the found object is very interesting… keep it for the keep sake.


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