The iconic mid-century designer reflects on life.

contourRocking Vladimir Kagan

 Contour Low Back Lounge Chair | Contour Rocking Chair | Tri-Symmetric Chair | Limbus Glass Top Cabinet all from Vladimir Kagan Classics

I am a huge fan of the mid-century furniture designer Vladimir Kagan. His Contour Low Back Lounge Chair is one of my all time favorite pieces. So I was tickled pink to discover that at the age of 86, Mr. Kagan has a blog! And what a delight it is.

In the simply titled “Vladimir Kagan’s Blog“, Mr. Kagan recounts his extensive travels to world-class design exhibitions, his daily life in both New York and Nantucket, as well as the little things that inspire him:

Fly in flight 7%22

The first fly of the season. – It is not your cozy love affair. More a mutual admiration society – She only likes me because there are crumbs on the kitchen table – my love runs deeper. I love the hum of her flight – it is truly the first sign of summer. For me, it is not the smell of flowers nor the warming sunshine… it is the buzzing sound that brings back early memories

Excerpt and image from The Seagull and the Fly, 6/2/2013, Vladimir Kagan’s blog

The blog is light-hearted and self-effacing as Kagan pokes fun at himself and his status as an “icon”. I seriously laughed out loud at his description of being a “trophy” to be photographed with fans at the Paris design expo Maison & Object.

Kagan’s  wife Erica Wilson was also an amazing designer whose work I admire greatly. Called the “Julia Child of embroidery” she led a rebirth of interest in traditional hand embroidery techniques in America.

Her iconic works are available in kits to be reproduced at home. I am so, so doing this someday.

Four Footed Beasts Erica Wilson  unicorncaptive_lg
Four Footed Beasts in the Garden of Eden and Unicorn in Captivity by Erica Wilson

Rocking chair owned by Vladimir Kagan and Erica Wilson (presumably, crewelwork is done by erica) image via the Selby.


  • Please visit Vladimir Kagan’s blog “Witty observations by Design Icon Vladimir Kagan. This personal blog features one on one encounters with designers, exhibitions, current events and culture.”
  • Vladimir Kagan Classics. Kagan’s official collection of his most iconic works.
  • Erica Wilson Official Website.
  • Vladimir and Erica’s amazing Manhattan home featured in the Selby, 2010.

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  1. Anna

     /  June 16, 2013

    This post is lovely. I am also a fan of him. So happy and lucky to read you. xxx


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