Montessori style floor bed designs and our own personal story.

floor bed

 Chambre aux colors acidulé by Bonnesoeur(s)

floor bed

 Une Maison dans la Chambre by Bonnesoeur(s)

I’m kind of obsessed with Montessori style children’s floor beds. I always recommend them to sleep deprived friends to the point of sounding like a broken record. I’ve collected over 200 images of them on my Pinterest. Yes, I’m a bit obsessed.

While most of these images are from regular parents just sharing their child’s sweet sleep spot, lately I’ve seen a lot of interior designers take inspiration from Montessori concepts as well.

Take for example the above images from sister design team Bonnesoeur(s). Lélia and Thélissa from Bretagne (that’s the region just west of Normandy), do lovely eclectic design work and their Chambre aux colors acidulé (Bedroom with acidic colors) and Une Maison dans la Chambre (A house in the bedroom) both feature Montessori-esque kid-friendly floor beds with creative original frames.

Culla per il co-sleeping and Lettino Futon by Mandori

Furniture designers are taking note as well. Ilaria Vasdeki, an Italian architect, artisan, and designer creates pieces directly inspired by Montessori philosophy for her brand Mandori. Her furniture like the Lettino Futon, a Montessori like sleeper shown above, is made from untreated solid fir from PEFC certfied sustainable forests.

Montessori style floor bed, play gym, table and chairs by HighlandWood
Like Mandori, Highland Wood takes an earth conscious approach to their Montessori inspired custom-made baby and toddler furniture. For each item sold in Henry’s Etsy shop, a tree is planted in the customer’s name through the Create your Forrest initiative by The Carbon Farmer. I love the well crafted soft rounded edges of these designs.
Homemade floor bed frame by Blog à la Cart

One can also make a Montessori floor bed frame at home. James and Ashley made this amazing DIY padded floor bed frame for under $100! Their tutorial is really detailed and the results are superb. Such a lovely bed for a little girl!

Or you can hack your crib like Meryl and her husband did. They transformed the bottom of their old crib into a floor bed frame and created the really beautiful Montessori sleep space shown below.

Transformed floor bed frame by My Bit of Earth

Our personal story:

We moved our daughter to her own room at about 9 months and went through several transformations of the floor bed concept. At first we just put her crib mattress on the floor to see if she liked it. When we saw that she LOVED it, we took a twin sized mattress and placed it directly on the floor. Later we purchased a Tatami mat to slightly raise and ventilate the mattress.

Funny thing, while advocates of the floor bed say it promotes free movement and discovery, our daughter hardly ever left her floor bed on her own. Once in bed it was like there was a magical boundary surrounding it. If she woke up at night she would just cry and wait for someone to console her.  I think she may have rolled off it once or twice, but she quickly became familiar with the sleep space alloted to her. I never found her sleeping on the floor.

My favorite thing about having a floor bed is that it gives our daughter a sleep area that is entirely her own, yet one that we can all share.  I love being able to read books to her at bedtime in HER bed. That way she’s ready to directly transition to sleep. Likewise, if she needs comfort or consoling at night, I don’t have to take her out of her sleep environment to do so. I don’t have to pick her up out of a crib to hold her. I can just plop down onto her bed and give her a couple of cuddles and she will usually go right back to sleep.

The bed has also helped us manage her Eczema. During the day when she’s busy discovering life, the condition doesn’t bother her too much. However, after the stories have been read and the lights go off, the “itchy monster” rears its ugly head. I’ve found that the only way to prevent her from scratching herself silly is by distracting her with massages and cuddles. The Montessori floor bed makes that easy.

They say that the best sleep arrangement is the one where the entire family gets the most sleep. For us, this has been the case. My parenting mantra is: “Whatever works for you is what you should do”. A Montessori floor bed isn’t for every family, but for us it’s worked out great.

Montessori floor bed, mattress directly on the floor. Credit unknown.

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  1. Gunita

     /  October 28, 2016

    Here is shop where you can buy house bed/ floor bed

  2. Nikki

     /  January 2, 2016

    I am very interested in doing this with my guy. Do you close the door? How do you keep him in the room? We have stairs and I’m very nervous to leave the door open all night.

    • Rose | RockRoseWine

       /  December 1, 2016

      Hi Nikki, you could try a child safe gate. We were in a one level apartment at this time and had no stairs to worry about!

  3. Amen to all you said! Even now when our little guy has a bigger bed, we still keep the floor bed in our room for the occasional creep into mom and dad’s room. It’s awesome!

  4. Elle Belle

     /  May 31, 2013

    Your story of Montessori floor bed is very touching but same time it is very practical.
    ~Homemade floor bed frame from Blog à la Cart~ has little sheer net that is very beautiful

  5. Elle Belle

     /  May 31, 2013

    Montessori floor bed is very affective for little children…

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