Want to buy a historic monument in France? Now you can!

 l’hôtel du Croissant. 100 years older than Our Tour!

This beauty could have been yours.

After more than 2 and a half years on the selling block, Bayeux’s l’hôtel du Croissant has found a potential buyer. Savoyard developer Sogimm has made ​​an offer of €110,000 that will be subject to a city council vote this week.

L’hôtel du Croissant, a registered French historic monument dating from the 15th century, went on sale in November 2010 when the council voted to try to sell the property via internet at a starting price of €140,000. However, the condition of l’hôtel and the potential costs to renovate and maintain the property discouraged candidates. Since then the building has only served as a nesting place for pigeons and a surprise photo-op for tourists who happen to venture down its petite impasse just off Bayeux’s main thoroughfare.

To reduce operating costs and gain revenue, state and local governments have started to sell a part of their heritage in recent years. The municipality of Bayeux is no exception and a number of properties in the city have been or will be sold.                                                                                                                              Excerpt translated from La Manche Libre

While the example of  l’hôtel du Croissant is rather extraordinary, many other less assuming buildings are available for sale through the mairie. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a piece of historic property in France, now may be the time to inquire.

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