Old beams and features of our traditional French roof.

  attic door

We had a great rendez vous with the charpentier menuisier. As he inspected our Tour’s rafters, I was filled with immense pride. Much like a mother receiving a glowing report on parent teacher day.

He said the roof was in great condition and that recent repairs had all been done in an excellent manner. There were only a couple of joints and beams that needed to be reinforced but rien de méchant.

He laughed when he saw the attic’s door with a WOOD key hole and also pointed out something we hadn’t seen before: A former doorway now stopped up with clay. It was odd that we had never noticed this, because it’s really quite large. He said it was probably used to pass building equipment between the two houses.

We’re relived that the structural repair work will be minimal. He’ll restore what needs be and treat the entire frame to protect it from bugs and other growth. Then our Tour’s roof will be good for years to come.

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