While these interior shots make our Tour look not so bad, it’s really just a lot of cache misère.

The wallpaper, the plaster, the wood and metal casings that cover the ceilings and arches, the paint on the fireplaces and stone, the linoleum… >>>so much will get stripped to the bone.

Destroy to create, but in this case also to discover. We don’t know what we’ll find! And what we do will directly influence what we ultimately create. No floor plans will be drawn until we know what’s behind all of those walls!

But more than anything, our Tour just needs a chance to breathe.

Gone will be the plaster and wall sidings that kept in the humidity, and we’ll dig out any incompatible cement mortar that actually contributes to the cracks. We’ll be repointing with breathable, environmentally friendly  historic lime mortar to fortify these walls that haven’t been seen or touched in years.

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